A Better Way To Eat Almonds

Did you Know…

You can get more out of your almonds by soaking them in water.

Almonds are one of my go to foods to snack on because they are high in protein, fatty acids, omega-3 and fiber. Almonds are also considered a Superfood because of the high levels of Vitamin E, Antioxidants, and they help curve your hunger. After doing some research I found out that soaking almonds actually helps you absorb more of the nutrients the almonds have to offer, but how?


The brown skin on an almond protects it until the correct levels of sunlight and moisture allow it to germinate. Because of this, eating an almond without allowing it to get proper moisture makes it harder to digest. When the almond is soaked; however, the outer brown skin is penetrated and the almond releases enzymes. When eating an almond that has been allowed to take in such moisture, you are able to digest the almond more efficiently and absorb the healthy nutrients the almond has to offer.

How to soak an Almond:
This is very easy. It is recommended to put the almonds in a bowl of purified water. Cover the almonds with 2 cups of water per 1/2 cup of almonds. Soak the almonds in the bowl overnight (10-12 hours). After the 10-12 hours, drain the almonds and eat or store them. You can store the almonds in the refrigerator for about one week. The almonds are soft, sweet, and they taste great!

Apparently, if you would like to sprout your almonds, simply soak you almonds overnight and place them in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator. After a few days, the almonds should begin to sprout (about 1/8-inch sprout should show). A sprouted almond can be more beneficial than a soaked almond because they are easier to digest and they also release lipase (an enzyme that helps digest fat). I have not tried this, but would like to very soon. If you have, please let me know what you think!

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6 thoughts on “A Better Way To Eat Almonds

  1. I am 62 years.
    1. Should i remove the skin in the morning after soaking the almonds overnight ?
    2. How many almonds should i eat in the morning.
    3. is it better to have it first thing in the early morning ?
    4. should i do my morning walk and yoga and pranayam before eating almonds ?

    Thanking you and awaiting reply,
    Ashok Shah

    • No do not remove the skins. The skin will naturally fall off when you eat them, but the skin holds some nutrients like fiber, so still eat it.
      The amount of almonds depends on your specific diet. I cant give a specific number because I don’t know your dietary needs. I will say that a single serving size is a good estimate to start… possibly a little less. I like to just take a handful.
      Almonds help give me a little burst of energy before my workout so I recommend to eat them then.

  2. Someone suggested me to keep almonds in milk for 1O hours instead of water!!!!!!

    Is it ok to keep in milk
    Is good to keep in water??

    • To be honest, I have never heard of putting it in milk. The reason you put the almond in water is because it will start to sprout and actually grow. I don’t know if putting it in milk would cause the same reaction. You can try it with a small amount and see if the almonds start to sprout.

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