Hollow Body Holds

This is one of the greatest core conditioning exercises out there. It may look simple, but after only a few seconds, you will feel your core burning! Hollow Body Holds will strengthen your entire core and will help condition your body for many other exercises.

Hollow Body Holds 3

How to Perform Hollow Body Holds:
1. Lie down with your back on the floor and hands by your side
2. While keeping your lower back flat on the ground, activate your core to lift your legs, arms and shoulders a few inches off the ground.
3. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds (or as long a possible). The image shows the position to hold during a Hollow Body Hold.

1. You must keep your lower back flat on the floor. Keeping your lower back connected with the floor will activate the appropriate muscles for this exercise.
2. You may find yourself shaking during this exercise. As long as you are not uncomfortable, try to push through it. You may shake because your muscles are not used to the tension from this exercise, but it means that your muscles are working hard. Be prepared to be sore tomorrow!
3. BREATHE! Do not hold your breath during this exercise. Focus and take slow deep breaths.
4. Keep your legs tight together!

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Feature Friday: Mike Stalker

Mike Stalker 1

First name: Mike
Last name: Stalker
City and State: Split between New York and New Jersey
Age: 23
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180
Profession: Entrepreneur

Follow Him:
Twitter: @TheMikeStalker
Instagram: @TheMikeStalker
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheMikeStalker

Where did you go to school? What degree did you graduate with?:
Fordham University class of 2014. Graduated with a degree in Finance.

Did you play any sports in school?:
I played Division I Men’s soccer.

Mike Stalker 2

When did you start modeling?:
About 2 years ago.

Are their any shoots you have done or photographers you have worked with that specifically stick out as some of your favorites?:
Have to give a shout out to Rick Day. He is the one that got my name and look out. If it wasn’t for him, I may not have had much success at all. I am also a big fan of Richard Phibbs. His work is brilliant and shoots some awesome campaigns, celebrities, and professional athletes. Also, need to give a shout to Sonny Tong. He is a young photographer from LA, and I think he has a bright future.

When did you start working out?:
Started to work out my junior year of high school.

How many days a week do you work out?:
I shoot for 5-6 days a week.

Mike Stalker 3

How long is your average workout?:
1-2 hours.

Favorite muscles to exercise:
Back and Chest.

Least favorite muscles to exercise:

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, what are they?:
My fitness goals are usually to stay lean all year with some respectable muscle mass – 5-7% body fat. It also motivating to see your strength levels increase. Other fitness goals are to inspire people all over the world in fitness, health, and nutrition.

Do you have any fitness inspirations? If so, who are they? Do you have any other people you look up to?:
In terms in the fitness industry, I really look up to entrepreneurs John Romaniello and Tim Ferriss. While they are not models, they are fitness professionals – authors, trainers, investors, etc (both make over 7 fig a year). Tim Ferriss has an awesome book out – The Four Hour Body that has had some huge commercial success.

What supplements do you take or recommend?:
1st Phorm supplements. I love a good pre-workout to get me going. Pre-workouts with creatine are great because they kill two birds with one stone. And protein is huge.

Mike Stalker 4

Can you give a brief overview of your diet?:
High protein with healthy fats and carbs. Lots of protein (chicken, fish, eggs) and greens.

Do you have any workouts that you specifically like, that you believe are very affective?:
I like to do everything. Play sports, bike, sprints, and lift. I also recommend doing a bodybuilding type split to increase muscle. M- Chest/tris T-Back/Bis W- Legs T- Shoulders F- Arms S- and finishing each workout with abs 3-4x a week.

Do you have any tips for people who are trying to reach their fitness goals?:
Stay patient. Your body won’t change overnight. Stay focused – nutrition is huge and you need to really pay attention to what you are putting in your body, not only for physical changes but for mental and psychological effects as well. Lift hard, heavy, and often to really lose body fat and increase lean muscle mass. GET IN PROTEIN.

Mike Stalker 5

I know you also have your own fitness website. What type of content do you share on your website?:
I share content based on fitness, nutrition, success, and life.

What is the website address?:
mikestalkerfitlife.com —> Will soon be launching TheDailyAce.Com

Do you have any other things you would like to say?(Comments, suggestions, etc)?:
I have a huge digital magazine launching in November.

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What is HIIT?

Many of you may have heard about HIIT training before, but don’t really understand what it is. I’m going to briefly explain the concept of HIIT training and how you can include it into your workout.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The concept of HIIT is alternating low-intensity intervals with high-intensity intervals. The most common and simplest form of HIIT can be applied to running, however HIIT can be used in many different exercises such as burpees, box jumps, squats etc.

When running, instead of running at a steady pace for 15 minutes, try doing a low-intensity interval alternated with a high-intensity interval. For example, 30 seconds of walking, then 30 seconds of seconds of sprinting. Doing 15 rounds of this exercise would be a great HIIT workout. Push yourself hard during the sprint. Many times we are comfortable at one speed, however it is not even close to our max speed needed to do a sprint. The more you push yourself (under safe conditions), the better the results.

Because of the high interval training, you are able to really work on your endurance, increase your metabolism, burn fat, and help build muscle.

Cassandra Fiorella @petitefi


    Endurance: According to a 2011 study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Meeting, 2 weeks of HIIT improves your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training.
    Burn Fat: Because of the high intensity, your body works hard to repair itself. After a HIIT workout, you burn more calories over a 24 hour span than you would during a regular endurance program because your body is constantly working in repair mode to recover your muscles.
    Metabolism: HIIT increases the production of your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) by up to 450% which helps burn more calories throughout the day and is suppose to help slow down the aging process.

HIIT is never easy because you have to push yourself hard, but the outcome may surprise you. Since adding HIIT into my workouts, I have noticed a huge change in my body and my abilities as an athlete.

Do you include HIIT workouts into your workout routine? What are some of your favorite intervals to do? Let me know at corestrengthalec@gmail.com.