Six Pack Abs

AlecModelshot1One of the most common questions I get asked is “What is your ab workout routine?” The answer… I don’t have one. I know it may sound crazy, but I don’t follow any one routine to try and improve my stomach. I have found that if I stick to just one routine, my body may be sore the first few times I do the routine, but then it almost becomes immune to what I am doing and I no longer get sore, tired, and I don’t see continued results.

I have discovered that learning many different core workouts and frequently changing which ones I include in my ‘routine’ confuses my body and lets me see faster and better results (aka: muscle confusion). I have also learned that your core (abs, obliques, lower back) is a large grouping of muscles that should be treated like any other muscle your work out. When building muscle, it is suggested to focus on a muscle group intensely, and then giving that muscle group a few days to relax and recover. With this said, I only do core workouts about 2-3 times a week. I work very hard doing many different ab and core workouts, basically exhausting the muscles and then give them a few days to really recover so I can hit the workouts hard again when they are ready.

How long do I work my core?
I treat my core like any other muscle; therefore I dedicate a full day to just working on my core. A normal day would include about 30 minutes of cardio, followed by about 45 minutes to an hour of of core exercises. I know many people who do core exercises every day for about 10 minutes after their workouts, but at least in my case, I have found that truly focusing hard on my abs, obliques, and lower back and exhausting them only 2-3 days a week gives me the results I would like to see.

5 thoughts on “Six Pack Abs

  1. I know you’re just starting so no rush. But can you catalog those different exercises you do? You’re an inspiration. 🙂 I’m gonna print out the picture and use it as my gymspiration everyday.

    • Thank you! I am planning on posting different exercises multiple times a week. I just posted one of my favorite core workouts today. I am always glad to help! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Keep up the good work!

    • I usually do about 2 muscle groups and superset the exercises. For example I may do Chest and Triceps one day. So an example of one workout would be an incline press for my chest, and then right after that I go straight into a tricep pulldown… Then I would take about a minute or two break and repeat that workout about 2-3 more times. Then I would try to find another chest workout to superset with a different tricep workout. I usually only do one muscle group on a day if I REALLY want to exhaust that muscle group for some reason or if I did a lot of cardio in the day and don’t want to exhaust myself by doing an hour of cardio and too much weightlifting in one day.

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