Men Need Zinc!

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I was confused at first as to why men needed higher amounts of zinc than women. I honestly didn’t even really know what Zinc did for your body. Here is what I found:

The recommended amount of Zinc for the average male is 11mg per day and the recommended amount of Zinc for the average non-pregnant or breast-feeding female is 8mg per day. Males need more Zinc than females not only because they generally have larger bodies, but a sexual active male also looses zinc through ejaculations.

Again, I knew that Zinc was important, but I had no idea why we needed it. After researching I realized that Zinc is actually quite crucial for your health and well-being! Zinc is found in almost every cell in your body. It helps activate the enzymes that improve your metabolism, fight off infection, improve the strength and complexion of your skin, and play an important part in reproduction. If you do not have enough Zinc in your diet, you may experience fatigue, hair loss, diarrhea, and many other unfortunate symptoms.


As I said in an earlier post, most nutritionists suggest getting your nutrients from food rather than supplements. Zinc can be found in many foods such as oysters, red meats, fortified cereals, peanuts, some seeds, dark chocolate, and many other foods. If you believe you are not getting enough Zinc in your diet, consider taking a zinc supplement to try and reach the 11mg per day.

Be careful!!! Zinc is one of those nutrients that you can overdose on! It is suggested to have no more than 40mg of Zinc a day. If you end up going over the 40mg recommendation, many side effects can occur. Some side effects include headache, dizziness, and loss of muscle coordination, nausea, loss of appetite. Too much Zinc also can lead to anemia because zinc interferes with the absorption of iron and copper.

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Feature Friday: Mark Raimondo

Mark Raimondo 2
First name: Mark
Last name: Raimondo
City: Jackson
State: New Jersey
Age: 21
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs
Profession: Student/Waiter/Bartender

Follow Him:
Twitter: @MarkkRaimondo
Instagram: Markkr

When did you start working out?:
When I was about 15. I started because I thought it’d help me out with swimming.

How many days a week do you work out?:
Usually 6 days a week, but if I’m too bored on my rest day, I just do cardio and core work.

How long is your average workout?:
I spend about an hour weight training, two muscle groups per day, and at least 30-45 minutes of cardio.

Mark Raimondo 3

Favorite muscles to exercise:
Legs! I hurt my knee in high school and haven’t been able to workout my legs consistently until recently. I love seeing them get stronger and trying new exercises I wasn’t able to do before. Plus it’s a relief knowing people won’t call me chicken legs anymore haha.

Least favorite muscles to exercise:
Right now I’d have to say my chest. I switched gyms recently and I’m still getting used to their equipment so I haven’t been getting the best chest workouts in.

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, what are they?:
At the moment I’m trying to slim down a little. I’m giving fashion modeling a shot and I’m a bit too bulky for the industry. Plus its almost impossible for me to find shirts that actually fit me right now.

Do you have any fitness inspirations? If so, who are they?:
My inspirations aren’t anyone famous really. Most people who inspire me are people that go to the gyms that I’ve been to. I’ve met all kinds of people who’ve overcome all types of adversity. There are a lot of people out there with some pretty inspiring stories.

Mark Raimondo 1

What supplements do you take or recommend?:
I’m only taking multivitamins and ACG3 as a pre workout on days I’m feeling sluggish right now. Other than that I try to stay away from supplements.

Can you give a brief overview of your diet?:
For breakfast I like to eat oatmeal and whatever kind of fruit I have in the house at the time. During the day I’ll eat tuna or turkey on wheat with some fruit. For dinner it varies, but I usually try to incorporate lean chicken and lots of veggies. You always need to have a cheat day though. Oreos are just too damn good!

Do you have any workouts that you specifically like, that you believe are very affective?:
I just started doing Ab Ripper X from P90X and so far it’s the best ab workout I’ve ever done.

How much cardio do you do? (Per day or per week):
I do at least 30 minutes of cardio 6 or 7 days a week. I like to switch it up depending on what I’m in the mood to do that day, but generally I stick to the treadmill or stair climber.

Mark Raimondo 4

Do you have any tips for people who are trying to reach their fitness goals?:
Just remember what works for someone else might not work for you. Experiment with different exercises and different workout routines that fit your goals and don’t be afraid to ask for advice or tips from people. The more knowledge and experience you have, the easier it’ll be to reach your goals.

Do you have any other things you would like to say? (Comments, suggestions, etc)?:
I have two. One is be patient. I feel most people don’t meet their goals because they don’t see results fast enough and give up. And the second is that weight is just a number. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people get discouraged because they aren’t seeing numbers drop or go up on a scale. If you see and feel positive changes in your body then you’re on the right track. Just keep at it.

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