Feature Friday: Ash Crawford


First name: Ash
Last name: Crawford
City: Los Angeles
State: California (Originally from Byron Bay, Australia)
Age: 25
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 185lbs
Profession: Actor/Model/Entrepreneur

Follow Him:
Twitter: @Prince_Crawford
Instagram: @Prince_Crawford
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theashcrawford

Are you signed to any agencies? If so what agencies?
Print & Commercial: Daniel Hoff Agency
Manager: Me2Management


When did you start working out?:
Growing up in Byron Bay Australia I was active in all sports; soccer, cricket, surfing. I excelled at golf most. After high school in Australia I was recruited to go University in Texas on a golf scholarship. It was there that I began a strength and conditioning regime with the athletic department– much more rigorous than I had ever imagined. After I stopped playing golf competitively, I started working out with friends who were in the fitness industry. I wanted balance, aesthetics and health. I was lucky enough to meet a phenomenal holistic fitness coach Corey Blank. He’s helped me keep my diet and training in check the past few years. You can check him out here http://www.facebook.com/CVBfitt

How many days a week do you work out?:
5 days a week.

How long is your average workout?:
About 90 minutes


Favorite muscles to exercise:
I like holistic, dynamic exercises like muscle-ups

Least favorite muscles to exercise:
Cardio, is that a muscle?

Do you have any fitness goals? If so, what are they?:
To be proportionate and healthy.

Do you have any fitness inspirations? If so, who are they?:
Steve Cook. He’s an absolute legend. Not only is he shredded, he is a great human. Check him out.

What supplements do you take or recommend?:
Coffee. That’s a supplement right?

Can you give a brief overview of your diet?:
Heaps of vegetables and lean meats. I try to have very minimal gluten and dairy in my diet. Keep sugars to around 50g per day also. Sodium you have to watch doesn’t creep above 2000mg per day either. Drink heaps of water. If you’re eating “clean” that’s great. But you get the biggest changes and results from consistently hitting your macros each day within 5-10g grams. Without that, you’ll plateau.

Do you have any workouts that you specifically like, that you believe are very affective?:
Calisthenics. Check out Frank Medrano for some inspiriting stuff. I don’t care if I can bench 300lbs. I like that I can move my body. Human flag, or handstand. I have no interest in unusable strength.


Do you have any tips for people who are trying to reach their fitness goals?:
Decide what you want to do and what you want to change specifically. Be clear why you even want to change what you’re already doing. Once you decide if your goals are to lose body fat, to gain muscle, or to be able to compete in your given interest, you will approach your diet and training differently.

Do you have a website for people to visit to check out more information on you and your career?:
http://www.ashcrawford.com or my Instagram is probably best. Fattybumpkins is my snapchat and that will give you a good insight into my live current situations.

Do you have any other things you would like to say?(Comments, suggestions, etc)?:
Feel free to reach out to me on IG or Twitter with any questions. I’m happy to help anyway I can.

Did you like this week’s Feature Friday, Ash Crawford? Would you or someone you know liked to be featured? Contact me at corestrengthalec@gmail.com for questions, comments, or ideas for other topics.

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